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Alone Again FULL

2011-09-23 06:37:19 by You-Kraine rIdo Cc7c


2011-06-24 08:49:32 by You-Kraine

i hate nearly all newgrounders

(That means I leave newgrounds)


2011-06-04 12:05:52 by You-Kraine ic?feature=mhum

here was my youtube page link. check it out.


2011-05-28 07:30:57 by You-Kraine

Man, every time just the same :(
is somebody interested to collab with me?? It would be great if you could sing, too :)

NEW song!!

2011-03-31 14:54:25 by You-Kraine ery-7-club-edit


2011-03-10 11:26:33 by You-Kraine

After 3 Months without internet i finally got it, and now i have many new songs and a new Name, RayZery


2010-12-19 11:07:49 by You-Kraine

I think im getting more experienced in FL Studio, so maybe in January or February will do a new account with a normal/new DJ-Name. Maybe DJ Giggity or DJ Quagmire?


2010-11-21 11:05:30 by You-Kraine

Somehow, i`m too lazy to do songs, i like to do previews, loops etc.

Upload time

2010-11-02 05:49:48 by You-Kraine

Fuck off. i will upload everything i did. everything!
Lets get ready to be uploaded!